Wednesday, June 28, 2006

At First I Was Kinda Mad.

This afternoon when Mom got home from hunting, she went out in the yard right away to clean up the mess from the storms. She said she'd be about a half hour and then we'd have dinner right after that.

Well of course 30 minutes came and went. Mom on the other side of the windows and us starving starving starving. She came in once after about 45 minutes to get some water to drink and said, "Ten more minutes, kids, really."

So we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally she came back in and she was all excited. "William, look what I have for you."

Well, the heavy rain from the last two days had uncovered more treasures! Mom found two roofing nails, a washer (not the kind you put your laundry in, though) and four more dimes! She gave those to me and now my yard savings (almost doubled!) is one quarter, six dimes, one nickel and four pennies! WOO HOO!

I think Mom really needs to get one of those beepy things that finds metal. I bet we're actually richer than Bill Gates with what's hiding under the soil.


  1. Wow. i fink i'm going to claim the change on the bafroom window sill. as payment for mommy making me starve last night. I fink there's 4 nickles and a dime and a quarter there. i wonder if that is enuf for me to buy food. - Sammy

  2. You are definitely the wealthiest guy we know! Are you saving up for something special?

  3. You can turn that change into an Amazon gift card at Coinstar and use it to buy cat toys!

  4. wow. you know what i did? i got my Mom to promise to give me the laundry money - the stuff she finds in the washer or dryer that fell out of a pocket. since it's money that fell out of the Dad's pocket, she doesnt' care and it's addin' up fast!

  5. What's with all the dimes? My mom finds nothing but weeds in our yard.

    I want a dime plant!

  6. First of all, Tiny Boy, never believe them when they say time....they can't tell cat time.

    Secondly, momma and daddy founded $3.00.......3 one dollar bills, by the side of the road the other day when they were walking!!! Did they give it to me? NO....Momma said something about tip money....I wonder what she is going to tip over.

    Patches Lady


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