Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bunny Call.

Aunt M. came by with treats and toys and hats for the girls! Caroline wouldn't play at all and Olivia pretended to be asleep.

In her Easter bonnet. Posted by Picasa

Here I am with my basket. It's got eggs and a toy!

Something good's in here! Posted by Picasa

I got an egg out all by myself. And you know what I discovered? If I bite it just right, the egg opens and there are...

And I ate them all! Posted by Picasa

Thanks, Aunt M.! I still have a lot more eggs to go, and then comes the really really really fun part–hiding the empty eggs! And I promise I didn't bite up the girls' hats, even when Mom thought she'd be funny and try to make me wear one of them. (Moms!)


  1. Treats! Awesome. All I got today was chicken!

  2. you have a nice auntie, however, hats are bad, very bad.

  3. I think the Easter bonnet was very attractive (although I am sure I wouldn't sit still enough to have a human strap one on me).

    I'm glad for you with the whole treat-egg thing. I got a swift swat on the butt for Easter. Apparently, my mom doesn't want me eating off of her plate.


  4. Kukka--

    Is your mom ill? Does she need retraining? Deprogramming? Do you need all of us to show up and help with this?

  5. We see Olivia is on her special pink blankie. Very nice, even if it is girlie. She's probably saying she got a stoopid hat & you boys got treats.

  6. SS&S--

    You are very observant! That is Kangaroo Girl's new birthday blanket and you can't get her off it with a crow bar.

    Mmm, crow bar! I wonder if that's like a sushi bar...

  7. Happy Easter Wm! beatiful pics! and nice gift =^^=

  8. My mama wouldn't make me wear a hat! Would you, Mama???

    ackshully, she can't even get me to wear a collar. I take em all off and hide them (tee hee).

    I gots hamm. But no treats!

  9. got an Easter basket! How cool!!! And Olivia looks divine in her Easter Bonnet...makes me wanna sing...
    "Iiiin your Eeeeeeaster bonnnnet...with alllll the frills upon'll be the grandest the Eeeeeeaster paraaaade!"

  10. Oh what great treats! And Olivia looks very nice in her bonnet!

  11. I agree with Timmy. We could do a duet on the Easter Bonnet song. Hmmm, hmmm.

    Olivia's Easter Bonnet. hehe.

  12. Binkies Dude - Hope you had a great day

  13. I tried biting into the eggs in the basket left on the dining room table, and my human pet had a fit saying they were real and not to touch them. But here you are eating them and finding treats! I think she was just trying to toy with my emotions! Curses.


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