Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Mom, I know you've asked over and again why it is we have to act like cuckoo babies at full moon. So I thought I'd tell you.

It's like this. When the moon gets really really big and bright, it exerts some pretty influential gravity. Because we're so little, we have to keep running around and running around for hours and hours, otherwise we'd get all caught in the gravitational pull and wind up glued to the ceiling! And then what? So, if we keep moving, we can counteract the whole effect of the moon's pull.

Pretty good explanation for a tiny boy, huh? I mean, have you ever found any one of us stuck to the ceiling after a full moon?


  1. William you are just so unbelievably smart i can't STAND it!

  2. Oh man, you mean if I DON'T run around like a nutty kitty during the full moon, I might actually reach my goal of standing on the ceiling? Crap. - Miles

  3. Wm you are brilliant! Sometimes it takes a tiny boy to teach universal truths.

  4. This really made Mom laugh and laugh....and then she said hooey!!! She says the reason I act crazy is cuz the full moon light up the house like daytime. No, Mom, listen to Wm.......he tells it like it is, and we have never resided on the ceiling either!!

  5. You are such a smart boy, William! I think that's why I hold you in such high regard.

    Perhaps the Empress doesn't know it all!


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