Tuesday, February 21, 2006

William of Mass Deduction.

I found something today.
  1. It was in one of my favorite drawers.
  2. It was blue.
  3. Therefore, it had to be a toy.

Soft and biteable. Posted by Picasa

It even tasted good. Posted by Picasa

And do you know what Mom said? "William, we don't eat toilet parts."

So I was right. It was a little toy and there's more to it in that drawer.


  1. oh my, a toilet part does not sound like something you should be biting. does your Mom feed you enough? maybe if you had more to eat you wouldn't chew so much on stuff, just a thought.....

  2. Well maybe SHE doesn't eat toilet parts, but evidently you do! And heck, if it was in a drawer, it was clean...so therefore it's yours to be destructive on!

    Man, I love having a sense of logic...

  3. William,
    You clearly believe the old cat adage, "The whole world is a toy."

    Okay, I just made that up. But it's true! I just played with my daddy's houseshoe - I know what I'm talking about. (Except, oops, his foot was still in there. Sorry dad.)

    ~ turtle

  4. I'm with Max.

    My response to her would have been a polite, "Well, that's where we part company, dear mother. The ME part of We DOES eat toilet parts."

    I love a man who is not afraid to eat questionable (and mostly not very tasty) items. Oh, so brave!

  5. Dude! You certainly have quite the knack for attacking home-improvement thingies, don't ya?!?! Maybe you should get a tv show on HGTV or DIY . . . we'd watch for sure!
    Buzzerbee & meep

  6. Sebastian loves toilets. Especially when someone flushes, he loves to watch the water go!

  7. Wm, was that toylette broken when you found it? It's ok to chew, but don't swallow. I like the idea of you getting a DIY show. Destroy It Yourself.

  8. If she didn't get want you to have it then she shoudn't have put it where you would find it. Get the tv show and make Max your commentator!!

  9. When will these people understand that the house and everything in it is YOURS!


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