Thursday, February 23, 2006

Everybody's Happy.

We had to spend some time in my room this morning while the alien–I mean the plumber–came by to fix things that I didn't even break. He actually fixed the shower, which somehow stopped turning off on Monday. I really wanted to help but Mom said no, I was too little, and besides, she didn't want any of us to get hurt. So we waited and waited and waited some more. We don't usually get to be in my room without Mom there, but we were very good and didn't tip anything over or get into any drawers or try to pry ourselves into the closet or anything. I don't even think the alien knew we were there!

When he left and Mom opened the door to let us out, Olivia and Caroline and I got all excited and sniffed all around. But Eddie made a beeline to Mom's bed to hide under the comforter. He really doesn't like aliens. I'd make fun of him for being such a big baby but I think he was abducted when he was really really little and was having flashbacks. Mom had to assure him 90 times that it was just us again before he would come out.

Me, I just got pretty worn out with the disruption in my routine, so I just did what Kukka and Brach did–I snoozed with my sis.

My house this morning
Discombobulation is
Very tiring!
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  1. It's amazing what a little change it takes to stress out our systems. Sometimes I think our Mom's don't realize just how delicate we really are. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  2. I bet, if your Mom would have let you, you could have helped the alien.....sometimes Mom's just don't understand. You are such a cute liddle boy. I wants to lick your forehead.

  3. I like it when aliens come to visit. I get more pets and everybody always says " Wow, what a big kitty you are."

  4. You've been tagged!

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    Now tag 5 others! :)

  5. When we moved to our new house last year, Brach hid in the bathtub for the first week because he is such a scaredy cat!

    Why didn't you chew up more stuff when the alien was there, William? Your rep as a "bad boy" is fading!

    By the way, what is up with the crazy comment meme tagging? This is like the 5th blog I've seen it. Not tied to a blogging kitty at all. Perhaps another form of "spam?" Hmmmm...

  6. You shoulda been able to help the plumber guy! He maybe had tasty toilet parts & stuff in his fix it bag.

  7. didn't dig stuff out of drawers? What's the point of being loked up then???

  8. Um, that was me, not Thumper. I hate it when the Woman doesn't sign out...

  9. Just adorable! No more constant running water, huh?
    We would love that!

    Come by to read Blackie's story.

    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

  10. The Mom knows better than to lock me up in a room. The Brats yes, me no. I just tend to ignore the humans I don't know and they leave me alone. Personally, if I had been locked up like you guys, I would've just knocked everything over that I could just to show the Mom how mad I was at her for doing it.

  11. We had a plumber in. He was coming upstairs with Bonnie on the railing above him, and I said "Watch the cat." He looked around his feet, then looked up, face to face with her. He nearly fell down the stairs. I'd *swear* she said BOO!

  12. Also, you two could pass for throw pillows in that picture. It was good of you to be nice while your mom was getting things fixed. We get stressed out, too.


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