Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Change Of Pace.

I don't know what was happening, but because Blogger was kind of spitting up hairballs or something, I had to find something else to do. So I waited until Mom was in bed and it was all really quiet.

And then...

It was attack the kitchen cupboard doors time! And because there are those cat-proof latches on them, boy do they make a lot of noise when they slap shut again!

Mom was up faster than Eddie shooting out of the cat box that time! I think she thought someone was trying to break in even though she told me, "William, stop trying to scare me to death. I'm trying to sleep."


  1. William, you are one smart cookie.

    ~ moose

  2. Joaquin and I did that with the shower door. Mom almost killed us but it was sooooo worth it.

  3. Since we sleep during the day and are awake at night, we have to entertain ourselves somehow! If it keeps them awake, it's a small price to pay. Yes, yes we've kept our Mom awake many nights.

  4. WM, that's funny! I can learn from you. We don't have cat-proof latches on the doors, but I still haven't opened one yet. I shall investigate this today.

  5. William - you certainly cause a lot of trouble for your Mom. it's a wonder she doesn't give you a lot of time outs or somethin'!

  6. One of our favorite past-times is breaking into the cupboards. We don't have cat latches on them; mom usually keeps the good stuff way out of our reach.

    We are usually only 49% successful at opening the doors and climbing into the cupboards, but there is nothing that matches the "Cupboard Slam Workout."

    Good cardio...

  7. My brother Huggy Bear is a master at the cabinet door thing now ... he doesn't even let it slam (no cat-proofing here). Mom and Dad are amazed to watch him open them.

  8. Sometimes Mittens goes downstairs, in the middle of the night, and yowls really loud for me....it freaks Mom out! Silly purrson....

    I hope bloggers has straightened up its act now!!!


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