Thursday, February 09, 2006

Back To Normal.

So this morning I checked Mom out to make sure she was feeling well enough to go hunting. She passed all my tests: the ear rubs, the under-chin scratches, the kissies–everything was normal. She even thanked me again for being such a good boy and taking good good care of her and she gave me a bunch of extra kissies. I told her I didn't even mind that dinner had been two hours and fifteen minutes late. I also told her that maybe she should stay home anyway, because I really liked taking care of her. But she said even though she'd like that, she really did have to hunt.

So while she was gone I lounged in my special window and watched for my squirrels. I forgot to tell you that over the weekend, Mom and a yard guy got all the squillions of tree branches and dead plants and tree roots and who-knows-what-all else that's been there for a hundred years cleared out of the back yard. Well. Mom told the guy she thought our squirrels lived in one great big pile of tree branches, so they were real careful when cleaning that area out. But do you know what? My squirrels actually live underground! Mrs. Squirrel came flying out at one point and scared both my mom and the yard guy.

Anyway, Mom had been concerned for them now that their branch cover was gone but I told her they're doing fine. Every day I've watched Mr. Squirrel gather up the corn and peanuts and sunflower seeds Mom puts out just for them and scurry back to his underground home. He must have about 45 years' worth of corn and peanuts and sunflower seeds down there now, so Mom was glad to hear they didn't move and were OK.

Why, when Mrs. Squirrel saw me today, she even asked me if I wanted to come over for a game of canasta. But I said, no, thank you, I'm just going to wait here for my mom.


  1. William, you are quite a good storyteller. We can just see those squirrels in your backyard. Your mom is very sweet to feed them. We think our squirrel must live on bugs and stuff. Yuck.

  2. Squirrels are fun to watch ... that's for sure. My uncle has a squirrel family that lives in their attic. I'm not sure they're as happy about that as we might think.

  3. Our squirrels live in big nests high in the trees. Never heard of underground squirrel houses but we suppose its alot warmer than in a swinging treetop.

  4. "Squillions..."

    My mom says she vows to use that word 3 times today because it made her laugh and she wants it to catch on.

    How do you say that in Meow?

  5. Your mum is nice to those squirrels William. I'm glad you have lots of fun stuff to watch out of your window.

  6. Glad the mom is feeling better. I gets squirrels around here too. They come around the eat some of the sunflower seeds that the birdies drop. Mum prefers not to have them hang around. At her olded house they gotted in the attic. So lots of noises and mess. She hadded to pay someone to fix the hole they got in on and to have them clean the mess.

  7. We love Squillions too! So original.

    William, you should tell your stories weekly about Mr. & Mrs. Squirrel. We don't have that many, so it would be nice.

    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

  8. Dude, I wish you had video of the squirrel coming out and scaring your Mom and the yard guy! I'd watch that LOTS!

    Oh, and the Woman says squirrels REALLY like pecans in the shell. Her Mom and Dad used to buy them by the trash can full and the squirrels liked them so much that if there wasn't any out for them, they's actually come up and bang on the back door. I'd like to see that, too.


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