Monday, January 16, 2006

Enquiring Moms Want To Know.

"William, what happened here?"

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· It was like that when I found it.
· I thought you meant for me to play with that.
· I thought you were throwing that away.
· I found it in a drawer so I thought you were done with it.
· No, I don't think there was any weatherstripping in the box when I found it.
· Well, there might have been weatherstripping in the box when I found it, but I don't remember.
· I don't know where the weatherstripping went. I think Olivia's kangaroo took it and hid it somewhere.


  1. I think it was spontaneous. It just exploded on its own. Which made the stripping stuff go "poof".

  2. Ohh. I forgotted to ask. Did you get your windows done to protect the birdies?

  3. Derby, we did do something! First, Mom hung a fabric panel on the storm door because she was too sick to do a lot but wanted to protect the doves. Then later in the week she tried netting, but then we didn't have any birds at the feeders. I told her I thought the fluttery movement in the wind scared them away. So then she tried clear contact paper. That seems to have worked--the storm door looks all frosty from the inside but matte on the outside. The birds have come back to eat and no doves have flown into the door.

    Thanks for your help and suggestions! We went to the places you told us about and may try something else when we want to see out the back door again--or if the contact paper falls off!

  4. i definitely think it was the kangaroo. those kangaroos are shifty little things and i just know it wouldn't be sweet little tiny William who would make such a bad, bad mess!!

  5. What is weather stripping? Sounds kind of naughty to me!

  6. Buddah did it.
    Blame everything on Buddah, even if he's not there.
    He's like an all-purpse excuse!

  7. Heh, heh, looks like our house. I've actually gotten Mom to feel guilty when she throws out a cardboard box. I always tell her, if we get attacked by the cardboard monsters, me and William will be ready!

  8. "Are you sure it wasn't YOU who did that, Mom? Me? I've been sleeping all day..."

  9. Excellent work, Wm. Never admit guilt under any circumstances.

  10. Just tell your mom that it 'sploded all on its own. After all, it doesn't look exactly like the toilet paper rolls do...


  11. I'm takin notes here. Just in case, you know.


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