Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blame It On The Full Moon.

Caroline went all mental last night and bounced around the house sideways with her tail all puffed up, like she was playing with someone invisible. And Mom moved Olivia's secret sleeping basket and Olivia went all mental because it was the only place Caroline hadn't taken over. Even though Mom put it back, it's like the whole thing has been ruined and Olivia doesn't want anything to do with it now.

Maybe I'll take over the secret sleeping basket.


  1. poor Olivia, i feel for her. i have a secret spot that we call the Hidey Box and if my sister ever even TOUCHED it, it would be ruined.

  2. Everyone deserves their own special spot. My littlest sister just figured out how to get to my high spot, but she moves if I come up.

  3. We girls are very tempermental...and territorial! I hear human girls are like this, too.

    My brother, Brach, likes to sleep on the spare bedroom closet shelf. Mom put the cat tree at the closet entrance and blankets on the top shelf so he could be up high and comfortable. I rarely go up there--unless I'm terrorizing him.

  4. Secret sleeping basket sounds like a neat thing. Hope you mom can make it up to Olivia somehow. Scout does that crazy poofy tail dance too. Just plain wierd.-Shaggy


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