Sunday, January 22, 2006

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day.

I'd never heard of this holiday before I read about it on Sanjee's blog. I thought I'd open up the floor to my brother and sisters, too. So, here you go, Mom.

Eddie: How long is Caroline staying?
Olivia: Does this kangaroo make me look fat?
Caroline: Can we ask the birds in to play?
Me: Would you buy me one of those 12 packs of paper towels, just for me? How about some TP, too? I'd leave the weatherstripping alone.


  1. very good questions. my Mom hasn't answered mine yet, so i'll prob'ly post them tomorrow.
    PS - i wouldn't count on the tp

  2. I gotted my questions answered by mum. Plus I gotted a big surprise. I gotted an answer I wasn't expecting..

  3. I gotted answers and I will post them tomorrow.....and I DON'T think much of them either!!


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