Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm Really Mad.

Attention, you grey cat who comes in to MY YARD. When Mom went out to feed my birds today, she told me what she'd seen, feathers all over the place. YOU ATE ONE OF MY BIRDS, DIDN'T YOU.

That was mean. I'm sure it's not because you needed something to eat, which might even be forgivable. You did it because it was an easy, mean thing to do. I want you to stay out of MY YARD and away from MY BIRDS or I'M TELLING YOUR MOM.


  1. Poor William! Bad grey kitty for messing with your birdies!! My Mom sends hugs. I'm sending a purr.


  2. Not to defend the gray kitty, but I'm not sure I could resist a bird that's easy to catch. They look kinda tasty.

  3. Put the bite on that cat William. He needs to realize he's messing with YOUR stuff!

  4. What a bummer, William - we're really mad for you! The girl just recently put up a "kitty tv" (aka bird feeder) for us - it's great fun to watch. You should "communicate" thru the window to that bad gray kitty that he should leave *your* feathered friends alone!
    Buzzerbee & meep

  5. Wm

    We feel bad for the birdie, but also the outside kitty. Maybe it doesn't have a good home like all of us.

    P.S. Thanks for linking to us!

    The Crew
    George, Tipper & Max

  6. William,

    You tell that gray kitty to stay out. We have a gray cat here too but so far no birdies have been harmed. But mum makes them go away when she see them in our yard. But mum says she has seen a hawk in the yard. Another big birdie that eats little birdies. WOW. If I see that it will be wild to see.

    Also thanks for linking to my site, I will add yours to my site. Purrs and kisses.



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