Sunday, October 16, 2005

Mom's Tiny Helper.

Today I helped Mom change the linens on our bed. So she could get to everything easier, I spread out the blanket, the pillows, the comforter and the pillows that go on top of that onto the floor. Then I was tired, so I had to rest on top of all of it.

Later, Mom was sorting stuff to do laundry. Since that was already on the floor, I made sure no toys were inadvertently in danger by diving under the piles to check. All clear!

Then Mom swept the kitchen floor. Since I know how much she likes to do that, I ran through the dust pile so she could have some more fun sweeping it back up.

I had a very busy day.


  1. It sounds like you were a big help William. I always love to help Mom make the bed. It's fun to chase her hand as she smoothes the sheets & dive under the covers when she makes them fly over the bed.

  2. ooh, that's one of my fav'rite things too! i like to scoot under the down cover and get cozy. it's good you help sweep, too. that's a big job.

  3. My bean live in a tiny bean place connected to other bean places. Mama says it's an apart-ment. If it's 'apart', why is it stuck to all the other ones? Anyway, the kitchen floor is so small she doesn't need a broom.

  4. Helpin' out 'round the house is fun - I really like to get that Swiffer thingy movin'!

  5. I love to help mom with all that stuff except when she push the loud roaring lighted monster that suck dirt. Then I go hide! I'm sure she appreciated all the good help you gave her!

  6. You sound like the best house helper. Mom always lets us help, but Dad growls when we try so we don't help him. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko


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