Monday, September 19, 2005


Guess what I saw today? A very fluffy grey squirrel with a great big fluffy tail. We don't get very many squirrels around here, so I always get pretty excited when I see one.

This one was eating the doves' food. Because the doves are too big for the feeders, Mom puts some seed in two little terra cotta saucers just for them. But they really aren't too bright. They'd rather wait for the seed the sparrows and finches fling all over the place looking for the "good" seeds. So that's why this very fluffy grey squirrel with the great big fluffy tail came to visit, I bet. Two whole dishes of seed. It must have been like a banquet to him!

Then I talked to him and he ran away.


  1. How cool! I love squirrel watching!

  2. wow, my squirrels just sit and listen when i talk to them 'cause we hang out a lot. why don't you have many squirrels i wonder? i could ship you some, we have way too many, it's hard for my Mom to drive down the street some days without hittin' one!

  3. We have an albino squirrel in our neighborhood. Pure white. Very pretty but just as fast as regular squirrels!


Wowee meowee.