Wednesday, September 21, 2005


With so much going on, Mom went through our disaster supplies tonight and made a list of things we need to replace or get more of. It makes me feel better that we're prepared, because you just never know. I know my mom would protect us no matter what, but we know we need a plan.

What about you and your moms and dads? Here's some good information from the Red Cross you can tell them about.


  1. We have an earthquake kit with water, food, clothing, blankets {no, not Michael's child), radio, ect...

    Of course unless it's been eaten at this point by some buns.

  2. William, thank you so much for that link. it's nice that you and your Mom are lookin' out for all of us. we have food stashed, and a radio that you crank, and flashlights and batteries, but need to get organized with the other stuff.

  3. Mom is going to put a kit together after the first of the month when she gets paid. She's also going to call PetSmart to see if they can suggest what I might need!


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