Sunday, September 04, 2005

It's My Mom's Birthday.

Finally, it's her turn!
     * I gave her a kiss
     * Olivia gave her a bite
     * Eddie was all ZZZZZ

I think she's about a hundred now.


  1. Your Mom will appreciate that :) ~Rat and Cat Mom

    Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!
    ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko and Rodentia

  2. Happy Birthday, William and Eddie and Olivia's Mom!!

    Robin and Digby

  3. Happy B-Day (A bit late)


  4. Wm, happy birthday to your Mom, but i bet she's a whole lot younger than a hundred. you should check that out and maybe correct that misinformation. my Mom's birthday is next month and she seems a little senstiv' 'bout stuff like that.....

  5. Happy Birthday Mom!-from Beau AND his mom!

  6. yeah, William, even if you think she's a hundred, you always say 29. Unless, of course shes younger than 29, then it becomes tricky.

    Happy Birthday to William & Olivia Eddie's Mom!


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