Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Who Wants To Know?

Some tiny boy answers to some questions!

How did Olivia get the kangaroo in her? How can she get it out?
Well, she doesn't really have a kangaroo in her but we humor her. This is how she explains the big poofy she's got on her tummy. Mom even calls her "Kangaroo Girl" sometimes. Olivia says the doctor who did her operation before she came to live with us put the kangaroo in her. Or maybe he put sea monkeys in her. Or a sponge. In any event, it's NOT because she is a little piglet eating machine. And I don't think it will ever come out (because it's not really there).

Unless she actually ate a kangaroo. Then I don't have an answer. Because where would she have gotten a kangaroo to eat? (And where can I get one?)

How do I know my mom is hunting? Does she bring things home?
What else could keep her away from us for so long if not hunting? But she doesn't seem to be very good at it–for lots of days in a row she doesn't get anything. I think it's what she wears that scares the prey away. Because every sixth or seventh day when she wears different kinds of clothes, she does manage to bring home a lot of stuff. I think she should just go hunting on the sixth and seventh days. It would save a lot of time and she could be with us during the other five!

Is she with Ginger's mom?
I think she'd tell me if she hunted with one of my friends' moms. Especially Ginger's mom, since Mom knows I have a secret crush on Ginger. :-) So I don't think so.


  1. hmmm, so Olivia is really just fat. i guess it's better to pretend you have a 'roo in your tummy than admit to bein' fat! maybe we should give our Mom's hunting lessons so they can be better at it. my Mom does the same thing, about every seven days....hmmm, weird pattern...maybe it's something to do with the moon?

  2. Shmaybe I have a kangaroo in my belly too!!! I have what momma calls, a "poochie belly". It am from my big scary surgery last year. Momma says it makes me look fat but we all know, I'm big boned.

    You have a crush on Gingie?! She's a beaut isn't she? Quite the looker if I do say so myself. I sure hope my Sweet Izzy doesn't get jealous!


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