Sunday, August 28, 2005

Peace And Quiet.

One day last week I had a talk with my pet hawks. It had been fun watching them play in the back yard and chase each other and pretend-hunt by grabbing sticks and stones and trying to flying with them, but I told them it was now time to move on. And they did! It's been very quiet around here.

Mom was wary for days but Saturday morning she finally put out some bird seed in a couple of our feeders. She wanted to make sure this wouldn't be a bad thing for whatever little birds might still be around, if in fact there were any little birds still around. I kept watch.

Finally, late this afternoon, a little sparrow came to visit. He was very cautious while he got a few seeds to eat and he didn't stay long, but he came back two more times over the next few hours. It's a start!


  1. I'm glad to hear your sparrows are coming back. It'll be nice to have "regular programming" return.

  2. Wow, I wonder where the hawks moved too? I didn't know birds would listen to poodies. I wonder if the birds around here will? I would love to taste Myna bird and we have lots of those. ~Merlin

  3. Wm, you were very smart to talk to those hawks, 'specially since it is almost fall and the little birds will need food. i love the birds in our yard, 'specially the cardinals, goldfinches and the chickadees (they're kinda like Tuxedo birds!)

  4. Jasper–Regular programming! Ha ha ha ha! My mom thought that was funny, too!

    Merlin–Can't you teach those birds to talk in cat? I'd think that would be kinda fun! They'd probably be scaring themselves with the cat-ese!

    Edsel–We are so happy the little birds are coming back. Today I saw the same sparrow, a little finch, 2 mourning doves and a little Inca dove. So the word's getting out that William's Bird Diner is safe again!


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