Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Weekend.

Mom and I napped for a long time on Saturday. That was good.

Aunt M. came by to look at my new pet hawks on Sunday. She brought Mom some half-and-half she couldn't use, which I'm pretty sure was for me but Mom won't let me have. Then she and Mom sat outside to gawk at my pets. How many times can you ooh and aah over a great big baby like Emma, anyway. We've got Olivia the little piglet eating machine with the kangaroo in her right inside for great big babies. And then there's ME, of course, not that I'm a great big baby, just very special.

Later Mom got another plant with PURPLE! flowers to put in the front, I think to make up for the half-and-half and the hawk-watching when everybody could have been paying attention to me. This one is a Russian sage. Mom says it smells nice and I should have even more pet butterflies now.

So I guess my weekend was OK.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good weekend. Mom bought us a new Super Scratcher laced with catnip. It's heavenly!


  2. too bad your Mom won't give you half and half, i get it sometimes and it's real creamy. i really like your pet hawks, but you better be real careful!

  3. Maybe your mom likes purple, too?
    I agree with Edsel. Better keep an eye on those hawks to make sure they don't come down and try to swoop you up! Mom just bought me a fuzzy ball with feathers attached!


Wowee meowee.