Monday, July 25, 2005

More Buzzing.

But not from the scary giant police dragonfly. No, this buzzing usually begins when the sun starts to go down and lasts for a long time into the night. It's very loud, too, but not scary loud like those other things.

I asked my mom what was making all that racket. She told me it was a bunch of boy cicadas all talking to one another. I thought that was pretty silly! What on earth could they have to talk that much about, every night?

Mom said they sleep in the ground for 17 years. No wonder they have so much to say! That's longer than my brother is old!

Now I wanted to see one of these old talking boy bugs. Well, guess what? When Mom was doing some gardening, she found one for me! (He was all talked out.) She actually brought him inside so I could look at him up close, but you know me–I thought it was a toy and tried to play with him!

Mom didn't want me to do that. So she put him back outside and set him on a rock. She took a picture of him so I could look him at any time I wanted.

But really I wanted to eat him.

Jon Cicada. Posted by Picasa


  1. He's an ugly bug! We a bunch of them one year, but I haven't seen any this year.

  2. Hey wow! That am a famous buggie! He sings doesn't he?! Jon Cicada... why is my Momma laughing???

  3. Your mom is so cool - she got the bug to show you! My girl just gets all nervous and says "stay away from that Buzz - if you eat it you'll get sick!" or some other nonsense. Then she gets tp and flushes it - what a waste of a perfectly good plaything!


  4. Wow he looks like a great bug to have around. Bughunting is one of my fav things to do. -Scooby


Wowee meowee.