Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Another Off Day.

Mom got lunch at Wendy's today. She sat at the breakfast bar to eat it because she knew if she sat at the table both Eddie and I would be all in her face. While I can still jump up to the bar with no problem, it's a little high for Eddie these days.

So here's my brother, talk talk talk, I want a taste, I want a taste, all the while the two of us circling like sharks. Finally Mom caved in and held out a small piece of hamburger...for him! To add to the insult, he didn't quite get a bite on it and it fell on my back! Mom thought that was funny. I didn't. He finally got the piece and I got just the aroma of it!

So naturally after three times of him getting little bites I turned down the piece she offered me.

In the meantime, Olivia's been bugging me and bugging me to let her ask a question. So here it is.

Does this kangaroo make me look fat? Posted by Picasa

No, don't tell me. Posted by Picasa

Kangaroo. Pfft.


  1. Kangaroo?!?! Whaa??? LOL Silly Olivia.

    I like it when Momma lets me taste the bread from the Wendy's burgers. I'm sorry that your Mommy dissed you and let Eddie have some burger and not you. She should know better. I say go give her a love nip on the ankle. That should even the playing field.

  2. Just fluffy Olivia, never fat, you are just fluffy...Poor Wm. no Wendy's ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  3. Arn't kangaroos like ginormous mice? Just let me get my paws on one of those!

  4. Olivia, you are very pretty. Glamorous, even!


Wowee meowee.