Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm Ready For My Closeup, Mr. Subway.

I think I should be the new spokescat for Subway. Why, just today I had a six inch tuna sub on Italian, no cheese, with a little lettuce and bell pepper for lunch! It's my favorite favorite favorite Subway sandwich and I highly recommend it!

See? I could do it.

OK, maybe I didn't really eat the whole thing. OK, maybe it really wasn't all for me. OK, maybe it was really only a little bit that Mom shared with me. But I still really loved it. And I am so sure I could eat a whole one all by myself.

As long as Eddie didn't insist on getting some too.

Well, he could have the bread, I guess.

Mmmmm, tuna satisfaction! Posted by Hello


  1. Mom says black cats are the bestest and you are one very pretty black cat, watch out or she will want to squish and squeeze you a lot....~Merlin (a black cat :))

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  3. Smudgie said to tell you her very first "people" food she had when she was a baby cat, was a bite of tuna fish sandwich. She just about climbed up her "Grandmeowmys" chest to get a second bite.

  4. Hi William-
    You would make a great spokescat for Subway. You are so photogenic and such a handsome tiny boy that you might be able to become a super star like Morris the Cat. You could make lots and lots of money for your Mom and then she could retire, buy you and your sibs lots more toys and play with you all day (when you aren't busy making commercials).
    Love you lots,
    Aunt M

  5. We're all getting tired of Jared anyway! Go for it! -Scooby & Shaggy


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