Sunday, May 01, 2005

I Don't Think I Like This Nice Weather.

First it was all the hunting. All hunting all the time! Then when that calmed down, Mom realized that the neglected yard was full of weeds three times bigger than me and that any moment the weed police would be upon us. That sounded very scary, but it took another million years to get all that under control. And THEN, practically all weekend she was just outside the windows where I could see her but couldn't be with her. She was digging stuff up and putting things in the ground and then covering all that with rocks or shredded tree bits! And all these things she was putting in the ground were not the cypress trees I'm pretty sure she promised me but small things that certainly don't look like they could hold a bird. So I wonder what the point is.

Mom says that the more she does of this, the more time we'll have to just laze in the upcoming summer months. But I think that if it would only rain or get cold again, things would go back the way they were right now, nice naps and lots of attention!


  1. It will get better Wm. Soon you and your Mom will be able to take summer snoozes together~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  2. Oh William, my beans actually got a letter from the Weed Police in Las Vegas. Dad had to call someone to go out and pull it up, since we were in NY. Apparently the Weed Police have too much free time...


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