Monday, May 23, 2005


Even though I complained about the unseasonably hot weather and how I couldn't lay in the windows, it was really pretty cool inside all weekend. Mom has this magical power to make it cool when it's hot just the same as she has to make it warm when it's cold out. She can do the complete opposite to the weather. I'm thinking that's even better than how my wishing for weather works!

So since it was comfortable inside, we suggested that we should install new flooring at the front door so the new carpet won't get wrecked (plus, it'll be one less place my brother will barf on, since he prefers carpet and rugs over hard flooring). We all decided on what we wanted and then had Mom go get the floor bits. (Well, she would have gone to that place Lowe's anyway, since she practically lives there on the weekends.)

We do the preliminary inspection,
make sure we have everything we need.
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Of course, with Eddie and Olivia it was all talk and no action. Everybody but me took off and I had to make sure things were going according to plan. Mom was kind of slow at it, but I think it will be okay once it's all finished. (I hope so, anyway.)

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  1. Hi William of MD, awesome blog dude. I wish my humans had the magical cool power. I just go outside and sit in my mini human's sandbox outside. Ahhhhh dig a little and it's real cool on your tummy when you lay down. Especially after a rain. Ahhhhhhhh


  2. I know you'll do an excellent job as a superviser, William! Just be sure to take frequent breaks and remind everyone how much you are contributing to the project!


  3. Hi Cal,
    Wow! I don't think I've ever seen a dog like you, or at least not in real life. I've seen Lassie on TV but I bet you get that all the time.

    I like the sink to get cool. You'd probably have to use the tub, though.

    Come back any time!


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