Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Olivia and Olivia, by Olivia.

I am so lucky! My Aunt M gave me this book for my birthday. Even though I'm too little to read, my mom has read it to me a bunch of times already. We love it!

In the book Olivia is a little pig (I hope Aunt M isn't trying to tell me something) with a mom, a dad, a little brother named Ian and pet dog and cat. The story tells all about the things she's good at. There are a lot of things!

This is my book. It even has my
name on it!
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Olivia's little brother sometimes bugs her a lot, kinda like William does with me. This is my favorite page. It says, "Sometimes Ian just won't leave her alone, so Olivia has to be firm." Olivia has a scary mask made out of a paper bag on her head and she's scaring away her pesky brother!

I wonder if Mom would help
me make a paper bag mask...
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If you've never read this book, I think you should get your mom to get it for you. Or maybe you have a very special aunt like I do! Anyway, you'll both laugh a lot because Olivia is so much fun! (Olivia, by Ian Falconer)


  1. That looks like it is a very good book and that you're enjoying it very much! I don't think your Mommy was trying to tell you anything.

    How is it you're not chewing on the yummy treats in vase next to you?

  2. Well, if you could zoom up real close, you'd see that I've left my teeth marks on many of the leaves. They aren't terribly tasty but they are fun to bite. Biting is my hobby.

  3. Hi Olivia--
    Even though you don't have a paper bag mask, I think you are very good at being "firm" with William when he bugs you. Remember the scary face you made at William when he tried to get into the nice comfy basket where you were resting? Look at William's Jan. 16th entry.

    But I like it best when you two are getting along like when William was helping groom you.

    Lots of love to all three of you,
    Aunt M

  4. You are SO lucky to have a book named after you....Merlin, Shadow, and Ko Ko

  5. Mommy always thinks of that book when she reads about you on William's bloggie, Olivia! She likes little piggies and was very pleased to see that nice book about Olivia the piggie.

  6. What a wonderful present...but don't scare William too much with your mask.



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