Sunday, April 03, 2005

My New Favorite Toy.

My Aunt M. gave this to me for Easter. Actually, she got me three but I think I'm supposed to share. Anyway, this is a ladybug that rolls. And has a secret compartment for nip. I love it! And my favorite way to play with it is to sit on it! Then I fall over and kick it!

Mom always laughs at me when I do that, especially the sitting part. She wants to know if I'm trying to hatch it. So after that of course I wasn't going to pose for the silly camera.

My ladybug. And so what
if I try to hatch it.
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  1. That's the biggest buggie I've ever seen! If it does hatch, shmaybe it hatches into a pile of nip?
    Mommy and Gramma like it when I lay down on my toy and then kick-kick-kick it too :) They think it's entertaining and I'll let them keep thinking that.

  2. Do you know which store your Aunt M. bought that big ol' buggie at? My mom started growing cat nip and we can't wait to get some of it.


  3. No, but I'll ask her (or maybe she could put the info here, if she's reading this!). Good luck with the catnip--even Aunt M. had trouble with that, and she grows the best cat grass ever.

  4. William,
    Could you tell Jasper that I'm actually not sure if I found the nip rolly lady bug and your sibs rolly nip toys at Petco or Smiths (which is a grocery store). Whenever I see little toys I think you or your sibs (or for that matter my Shilgiah) would like to play with I buy them and save them for a happy occasion or just cuz you are so sweet and need a new toy to add to your collection of 85,000,000,000 toys your mom has already given you.
    Aunt M


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