Monday, April 18, 2005

Hunt Hunt Hunt.

My mom has been hunting practically non-stop at home since Friday night and I haven't been able to write anything especially an update on the scary mask mystery and now she tells me I have to hurry because she has to hunt again tonight and hasn't she been hunting all day at that other place and I haven't even seen all my favorite cat blogs yet and I don't think I bye


  1. Oh poor William! And your poor Mommy. She must be real exhausted! :( I hopes she can relax soon!

  2. Wow, your Mommy needs a rest while you catch up on your poodie blogs ~Merlin, Shadow, and Ko Ko

  3. I mom and dad have been very busy, and I have not gotten to read all my favorite blogs either.


  4. I think I must be lucky. My People don't have to hunt. The man goes someplace every day and passes gas and someone PAYS him for it! The Woman stays home with me, and she writes if she's not surfing for stoppid things to do, like play onlin jigsaw puzzles.

    I wish someone would pay me for passing gas. I'm very good at it and then I could buy lots of Stinky Goodness. I wrote a book just like the Woman, but I think SHE took all the money from that and bought herself a car. Really, the nerve. Maybe she SHOULD be forced to go out and hunt!

  5. My Mom goes and hunts all the time, too. Then she comes home and feeds me (finally) and then sits in front her stupid computer. She hasn't realized that I am the center of the universe. She's mostly okay but she hunts too much.



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