Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Winter Wonderland.

By this morning, we had about five inches of snow. Everything was all white! I've never seen anything like it. All the tree branches were thick with it and weighed way down. If I'd been outside, I would probably have been able to touch them! But it looked very cold out, and besides, I'm a home boy.

From my warm and dry perch in the window I saw so many birds today! It was easy to see them against the snow. Not only did I see the usual sparrows and finches and doves, I saw a big robin and then a woodpecker! This was the first one I've ever seen. He was black and white and had a little red on his head and spots on his wings. Squeee!

So even if Mom had to go hunting out there and we couldn't get toasty together and nap and cuddle, it was still quite an exciting day. Maybe this should be called Winter Williamland!


  1. I like your description William, I can see it in my poodie mind's eye! I bet those birdies didn't even know you was spyin' on them! Go you bein' all stealth from the perch :) A robin and a woodpecker huh? We haven't seen Mr. Robin yet but he should be around real soon!

  2. Isn't Mom the best to snuggle with when it is cold? Boy you guys get lots of white stuff. ~Merlin

  3. Winter Williamland -- yes!!

    I've never seen a Woodpecker, how neat sounding!



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