Friday, March 18, 2005

Saving Olivia.

This morning when Mom was trying to get ready to go hunting, I sat in front of her closet, just staring at the door. Every time she passed me by she asked, "What are you looking at, William?"

Now, sometimes I like doing that, just staring at something when nothing's really there, but this morning I had a real reason for doing it. So I blinked and then returned to my staring. I thought she'd understand.

Once she got real close to see if maybe there was a bug or something. But of course there wasn't one. "You're a silly boy," she said, petted me and then went about her hunting preparation.

But still I didn't move. She wasn't getting it. "What are you looking at?" she asked again. Finally I gave in and just told her. That surprised her, because unlike my chatty brother Eddie, I am a tiny boy of very few words.

Olivia is in the closet!

Well, finally! Mom opened the door, and sure enough, out came my little piglet eating machine of a sister. Who never said a word in her own aid, mind you. And do you think she even thanked me for the rescue when she could have been trapped like a rat in a coffee can all day?

Little sisters!


  1. MY cat can open the closet door (sliding door), so she can get in OR out without my help. I've always wished I could have a non-sliding door to keep her out of my closet, but I guess now I'm happy I don't! (It would cause me to be TOO aware of my surroundings at all times.) :)

  2. See, you're much nicer than I. I woulda left her in there, and tried to get her share of dinner...

  3. It is good Olivia has a big brother like you Wm. Shadow was stuck in the closet the other day and I left her. ~Merlin

  4. My Mommy says that something like this happened to two poodies she knows named Sasha and Max. When their mommy came home, Max informed her something was wrong and meowed all the way up the stairs and sat in front of the bathroom door. When she listened carefully, she realized there was an echo meow from behind the was poor Sasha! She got stuck in the bathroom!! Now, if it were me, I wouldn't cry to get out. I LOVE the bathroom! There's all sorts of fun stuff in there!!

  5. Olivia is lucky to have you. This one time I got locked in a closet and Spot didn't even realize it!

  6. Well you read about my silly mom leaving me in the closet. I really didn't mind. It was dark and warm, and one of my favorite napping spots.



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