Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hidden Treasures.

This evening Olivia and I helped Mom go through some stuff she wants to give away. An animal rescue group she does volunteer web work for is having a yard sale to raise money. (I don't know what web work means. Could it be she has secret spider powers that I don't know about?)

We inspected everything and made sure she was not giving away anything we could possibly eat, bite, or otherwise play with. Then we checked out the empty boxes she was going to use to pack the stuff in to make sure there was enough room in each. I really wanted to leave my teeth marks on them but I was very good and didn't.

Something did get my attention, though. That big white paper towel holder she used to keep the paper towels in until I figured it out and shredded them all to bits is in the giveaway. I don't understand why she doesn't keep that and instead give this away.


  1. Cardboard boxes are my favorite things to chew on! I love to leave the bits and pieces all over.

    Happy Birthday to Eddie!

  2. I have to agree with you on this one William. It is clear that you can reach the paper towel much easier in the white paper towel holder than in that stinkin' bread box. We have a bread box in our house and it holds all our important papers. Mommy says the bread goes bad in is it called a bread box!? Perplexing isn't it?

  3. We shread toilet paper, but notebook paper is our FAVORITE, and newspaper. We think Kinsey borrowed the lizard, at school so we couldn't get ahold of it. I think she should have shared. ~Merlin and Shadow


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