Monday, March 28, 2005

Full Moon Follow-up.

OK, so another thing I did on full moon Friday was knock over the stool in the kitchen because it was in the way of my favorite challenge. Then I showed Olivia how to get a paw in exactly the right position and pull until the latch gives way. Voilá! Mom especially does not like me to get into that cupboard because it partially opens in to the icky area under the sink where she says there are all kinds of bad things that could make me a very sick tiny boy.

Not that ever I really listen to those kinds of warnings. I figure she's exaggerating, like when she asks Olivia the little piglet eating machine if she weighs 50 pounds now or what.

Well. On Saturday Mom was busy doing something to the cupboard door. I bet you can guess the rest.

Another one of those cat-proof things?
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  1. How frustrating - I bet you can get at it anyway, tho . . .

    Good luck!


  2. I'm able to open all of the cupboards in the kitchenroom and the rainroom all by myself. I frequently check them out to make sure there are no monsters hiding inside. You must miss opening your cabinets. ~Merlin


Wowee meowee.