Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Feline Appreciation Day.

Well, thanks to learning about this from Max, we all got extra love and appreciation today. And we got our favorite dinner, too, lamb with rice, which we all wolfed down like there was no tomorrow because we love it so much.

But the best part was what I got, because I am my mom's favorite favorite tiny boy in the whole universe. She got me a grackle! I love grackles! It was up in the top of one of our trees making a grackle racket! And you know what they say–if there's one grackle, there's nine million grackles!

Mom says they used to be only as close as about two miles south, so this is quite a fun development. They're too big for the houses we put out (yes, Mom also did that for us today), so it can't be that they were expecting housing. So just maybe they're here now because I'm here now. I am THAT SPECIAL.

Common grackle (mature male).
(USDI, Fish and Wildlife Service,
photo by Roger Clopp.)
Common grackles are slightly larger
than robins, with iridescent black feathers
and a long keel-shaped tail.
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  1. MMmm that grackle looks good enough to eat!
    I'm glad you had a good FADay William!
    I think your Mommy loves you just as much as mine loves me!


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