Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tuna Breath.

So my mom came home in the middle of the day like she usually does but today when she came in she actually told us, "I have tuna breath"! Of course, we knew right away when she greeted us. But I couldn't believe such a thing, that she'd have tuna without us. Or at least without me!

She usually shares, and by that I mean we all get right up her nose until she gives us some, but not today. She ate it alone. Without us. She said she was as hungry as Olivia the little piglet eating machine and just couldn't wait. I can understand that, but didn't she know that breathing on us only added insult to injury?

It's just a very good thing that she let me supervise when she made Jello. I made sure the flavor was okay by putting my little nose right in the little packet.

Although I'm not crazy about pineapple. I don't understand why she can't get a flavor we all like, like tuna or something.


  1. Hi William-- Shilgiah here. I'm so sorry you didn't get any tuna. My favorite treat is tuna juice and when my mom opens a can of tuna she gives me the juice and I'm just sooo happy :)

  2. My People do that, too. They go out and eat somnewhere else, and the torment me with the smell when they come home. I don't know what a fajita is, but it sure smells like something I would want...but I doubt I'll ever get any :(


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