Sunday, February 27, 2005

Things In The Yard.

For the first time in ages we had no rain this weekend and it was mild. I spent hours lounging in the windows watching Mom working on cleaning up the yard. We live on a corner lot so there's a lot to do. I'd offer to help since I love to bite on green things, but Mom always says I'm too little so I just watched.

Because of all the rain, there are things Mom calls weeds all over the place. Pulling those took up most of her time outside on Saturday, and in only one part of the yard! Today I watched from the den window (it was so nice and sunny!) as she prepared the soil so she can plant some stuff in a few weeks. Then, I watched as she cut the weeds in the back yard with this thing she swung back and forth. Weeds were flying all over! Now, though, not only do we have a way to get to the trees where we're going to put up the bird houses this week, but the great big orange cat who lives across the street won't be able to skulk secretly all around our yard and cause me and Olivia to shriek with alarm!


  1. Totally jealous! We're still buried in snow here in Minnesota and you already have weeds to pull!! -Scooby

  2. I'm with Scooby!

    Those weed thingies are fun to play with. Mommy took a bunch and tickled my nose with them last summer. Gee...wonder if the grass will ever grow again?

    Oh and about that orange cat from across the street...our neighbor has a poodie that lives outside and she always, ALWAYS comes in my yard. I don't like it when she does that so I chitter at her.


Wowee meowee.