Thursday, February 10, 2005

Can't Wait.

Mom's almost done with Eddie's room, which means we'll be able to have all our scratching posts and toys and stuff moved back in. Right now it's still closed when she's out hunting, but if she's home we get to go in and check it out. The desk under the window is going to be quite helpful. I'm liking the other changes, too. I have my eye on the umbrella tree that's on top of a bookcase, but don't tell Mom that or she'll stick it back in the catch-all room again. It's my favorite favorite plant–I don't know how many times I've tipped it over just to give it a special hug! That seems to make her jealous.

Anyway, once the room's done, I'm pretty sure we're going to start working on getting all our little bird houses painted up this weekend. We have to do it soon, too, because nesting begins early here and we all know how stressful house hunting is. Mom said she'd put them in the trees in the back yard. Won't that be neat? We'll be able to watch lots of little bird families in addition to all the ones that come to the feeders.

And now that we'll be able to easily get up into the window in Eddie's room, we won't miss a moment of it!


  1. Cool, Wm! Don'tcha love it when they re-arrange things just for our convenience. My mom put lots of tables under windows just so my brother & I can keep watch on the world! -Scooby

  2. Bird homes, I'm jealous. I bet they lead to good birdwatching ~Merlin

  3. Oh they do! I love birdwatching! The more tables under windows, the better! See if maybe your Mommy could stick a birdfeeder near the window so you can see them eat! It's great fun...and my mouth always waters!


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