Thursday, January 13, 2005

We Have a Pantry, Too.

Heavy paper packages and cardboard are my very favorite things to bite–all the things food come in! This thing called a pantry was something new to us in the new house. Mom keeps all the stuff she brings home from hunting in there. Well, it didn't take me long to figure out how to get into it. All those things, all in one place–it was WMD heaven! While I've chewed into 20-pound bags of cat food, my best biting was done on the 40-pound bag of cat litter (although the 15-pound box of litter I conquered deserves a mention, too).

I love the pantry! Posted by Hello

Once again, Mom did something to the door so only she can open it. I just pretend that I don't care about it any more. After all, there are so many other things I could do while I'm waiting for the moment when the door isn't all the way closed!

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  1. Wow! You are a bad boy aren't you? LOL!! When my Mommy saw this picture, she said OMG really slow and loud! How did you ever accomplish such a feat? Did you use your teethies or your toes? Or perhaps both? Inquiring poodie wants ta know!
    I'm not allowed near our pantry too much a'cause I'd probably do something similar to what you did to that litter bag ;) Mommy keeps my crunchies locked up tight in a rubbermaid box. One night, she forgot to lock it so I knocked it over and out came the crunchies...I was in heaven!! Oh William, I ate till my heart was content...and my belly was full! LOL


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