Saturday, January 01, 2005

We Are Giants!

See how tall? Posted by Hello
Happy new year to all cats in the universe!

While Mom finished the floor in my bedroom (OK, her bedroom–at night, anyway), Olivia and I lounged on the mattress and box spring turned on end in the hallway and pretended we were giants. Eddie insisted on sleeping through the whole thing so he stayed regular size.

I decided on my resolutions for 2005:
* Turn 2!
* Improve my hockey game by getting more Science Diet under the refrigerator. (SCORE!!)
* Refinish Mom’s wicker trunks.
* Bite more cardboard boxes.
* Top the world’s record for number of toys under the washer and dryer.

I can’t wait for tonight. Mom has to sleep on the futon in the den while the floor dries. NO DOOR TO KEEP US AWAY!

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