Thursday, January 20, 2005

My Name is William. I'm a Paperholic.

[My mom made me write that. It was either that or "Why We Can't Have Nice Things Out Because of William." You can't hear me, but I am MAKING A CAT NOISE IN MY THROAT RIGHT NOW to indicate my dismissal of such silliness.]

Anyway, I had such a blast today! A double blast, in fact! For months I was buffaloed by the lack of paper towels and TP, but I finally figured it out. Both were right under my tiny boy nose!

Mom thought I'd never notice the paper towels
because she had them disguised in some sort of holder.
Obviously this stopped working at about 6:45 a.m.
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This used to be in a little square basket in
our bathroom! with hinged lids. All I had to
do was push it off the back of whatever that
thing is, and the TP madness began!
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I know there's a little box of tissues in the
other side of this basket, but I wasn't able
to get to it.
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  1. Hi William.

    I can't believe what wonderful artwork you have created! Mommy says that Buffy, the dog who used to live here, made lovely creations like yours with TP and tissues. You're a clever boy William! Good job on bein' so sly and finding that paper!

  2. True poodie art how creative and what an investigator. Good job on finding the hidden paper. I bet your Mom hid it just to give you a game to play Hide and Seek the Paper. ~ Merlin

  3. SCORE!!!

    I think in the grand scheme of things, you win!


Wowee meowee.