Wednesday, December 29, 2004

How I got here.

A long time ago, when I really *was* a tiny boy (July 2003), my original cat family was all but abandoned by mean, mean, MEAN people, and by mean3 I mean irresponsible, spiritually ugly and evil-doing people who should be banned from any contact with animals at all, especially taking in animals, or pretending to. (OK, that's what my female companion human means by mean3.) My biological mother (who was pregnant), sister and I were left to fend for ourselves in 100°-plus heat. I hid in the trees while my mother and sister took up residence under a car. Can you imagine!

Well, it was just awful. And scary, too. Luckily for us, two kindly and very cat-friendly neighbors who noticed us began to first put out water, then food. They visited with us and played with us. Then, after about a week, they hatched a plan to rescue us.

My mother Posted by Hello

My little sister Posted by Hello

My sister was taken in by one lady, had a health check and was spayed. She found a new home within only a few weeks!

A few days later, after we came out of deep hiding (we didn't know what to think with my sister having gone seemingly missing), Mom and I were taken in by the other. We went to the vet too to make sure we were OK (that wasn't very fun, but everybody there thought I was just so so CUTE, which I guess made up for all the poking and prodding and needles!). Although this lady had arranged for a rescue group to take us, we stayed with her for a long time because of Mom's delicate condition. We wound up staying so long in this new place that we both let her know our true and secret names! My mom's is Isabelle, and of course mine is William.

We are safe in this place Posted by Hello

We like the view Posted by Hello

This lady already had two kids, Eddie and Sophie. At first they were not very happy to have us around even though we had a room of our own. Eventually we had supervised visits with one another in the evenings but they were still less than thrilled with having alien kids in the house. I think the rescue group was ready to take me sooner than Isabelle but I was already really working on growing on my new mom, territorial posturing from the residents aside!

Isabelle eventually had her babies, three in all. (I was glad she finally did, because toward the end she had turned into a very big troll with the extra girth and the heat and all, and she was definitely not fun to play with.) But also, when that happened, I was allowed to have the run of the place with the finally-tolerant Eddie and Sophie while she got to tend to her new babies in peace. Seven cats with all of us! Finally, on August 31, Isabelle and her babies went into foster care to prepare for their eventual new homes.

I share a hug with Isabelle while her new babies feed (this is my favorite picture of us) Posted by Hello

And me, the tiny boy, I got to stay in my new home with my new mom, brother and sister!

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