Monday, September 26, 2016

Oh Sure.

There I was, being all friendly and helpful, when my mom not only stepped on me once, but TWICE! She claimed it was was an accident -- she had a bunch of laundry in her arms and said she didn't see me.

I guess I forgive her but I think I'll let her worry for a bit longer. Maybe I can get some treats out of it.


  1. WOW!
    Glad you lived to tell the tale Elliott!!
    Absolutely you must milk it for all the treats you can get!
    Mums respond to guilt trips ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Well, that was just rude! Our mom is forever stumbling over me, Toby. Never Leia... maybe it's just a guy thing.

  3. Definitely milk it for as long as you can.

  4. Oh yeah, you definitely deserve treats! My human stepped on me once and I got a BUNCH!

  5. Oh yeah, no excuse for human to step on sweet kitties even if they are carrying heavy laundry basket or casseroles....I say milk this and get as much treats as you can.

    Emma and Buster

  6. What's she doing carrying around so much laundry she can't see where she's going? I hope you took a dainty chunk right out of her ankle.

    And forget treats--this is New Cat Tower stuff.

  7. Hey! MY mommy stepped on ME TOO! The day she came home..Sunday. Stepped right ON me! She ran after me and apologized for 15 minutes but I still let her know what a tartar she is!

  8. Nice photo, Elliott! Your whiskers are looking good! Sorry to hear you were stepped go crawl into her lap and demand mucho luvin'!

  9. Cuidado para não exagerar e acabar no veterinário. miauhihi

  10. dood.....ya noe, her shoulda taken de kleen clothez outta de dryer, tossed em on de floor for everee one ta sleep on, leeved em ther til her dee sided what ta wear etc...then thiz hole in sa dent coulda never happened ~~~~~~♥♥♥

  11. Yikes! I hate it when that happens. But I hold out for treats too!


Wowee meowee.