Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day.

We did it! We got Mom exactly what -I- she wanted.

Mom's new gazing ball. We can see a
squillion birds in it!
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And the girls got something for Mom, too.

Olivia's pet Mom's rooster got a pal. Posted by Picasa

We napped with Mom and gave her kisses and head butts, all day! As it turns out, she didn't do very much with the broken tree bits from last week's storm except to make a great big pile, and most of that she'd done in spurts after hunting. So we had lots of time together. But do you know what now? We're getting another bad wind storm and once again it's raining trees. Mom had to move her new gazing ball and the little plant near it to safety. And once again, she's had to go out and pick up fallen limbs from the roadway. Kinda in again, out again, Mom again.

Tonight the wind is coming in from the opposite direction and with a cold front. That part's good, though, since it got into the 90s today. Me and Mom, we prefer naturally cooler temps to sleep.


  1. It's a giant marble, how thoughtful.

  2. Wow that was nice of yall to get your Mom such nice purresents. I'm glad your Mom had a happy Mom's day.

  3. I woke my mom up with some power-purrs and aggressive nuzzling because I'm still in financial ruin after the whole Whisker Well thing.

    She seemed appreciative of my gift, though.

  4. Those are very nice presents, even the ones you received.

  5. Those are very good gifts, William. You and your sisters are so sweet.

  6. That sounds like an excellent day! Your Mom is very lucky to have such generous little babies. I basically just played a little nicer with my new sister for Mother's day. Mom said that was pretty good.

  7. It sounds like your mum really appreciated your presents William. You are a very thoughtful tiny boy.

  8. Nice presents! And what is up with your weather??

  9. Williams, you is such a good boy. You takes very good cares of your mama.

  10. I have heard tell, if you look into that ball, you can see the future..try it, Little Boy......

    Patches Lady

  11. Our Mom is so jealous acoz she wanted on of those gazin' balls too. Angie I thought you was supposed to get one for Mom - did you forget?
    It's a double present coz she gets to look at it and you gets to see all those birdies.



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