Thursday, August 18, 2005

Why I Did It.

Well, of course I knew it was Eddie. But he did smell all cat fix-it-like. So did my mom. I don't like that smell, it scares me. So I had to be a troll.

But just maybe my being a troll yesterday was also a warning to my mom: do not bring home any new babies because THIS IS HOW I WILL ACT. And I stayed in pretty much of a snit all day today until after Mom came home from hunting. I wanted to make sure she got it, no matter how she tried to cuddle and pet me out of it.


Everything's okay now.


  1. Glad to read your snit is over William. I was in a pretty bad one a few days ago a'cause of that gigantic pony of a dog named Max...

  2. William - sometimes it's hard not to be in a snit. 'specially when our people do some of the crazy things they do. and funny smells are hard to figure out. i saw your post and if you go to Noo Orleans i would love to get more Tuxedo stuff. i love Tuxedo stuff more than anything, well, 'xcept my Mom! (and catnip!!)

  3. I plan to be in a snit on Wednesday when mom takes me to get my teeth cleaned. I think being in a snit is okay if it serves a higher purpose!

  4. Those animal docs act nice then they poke you and stick you with really sharp things and make you stand on that really shiny slippery table way off the ground. I hate the part when they put stuff in your eyes or in your ears.

    All in all they're not to be trusted, no matter how good they fix you. And by the way, sometimes they use the word "fix" for another action which I won't talk about here in case there are readers whose tummies get upset when you get too graphic and personal.

    Glad your snit has passed, good not to hold on to those too long.



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