Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dinner Was Late.

We didn't mind, though. When Mom got home from hunting, she crawled right under the comforter and we all joined her and snoozed all warm and toasty for a couple of hours. Much more fun than dinner. I love taking naps with Mom.

I confess, I did pounce on her head once. But I couldn't help that–it's a cat law, isn't it?


  1. Hi William,
    Shilgiah here. I think pouncing is fun and I pounce on my mom from time to time. Don't know why she doesn't like it so much. When I was little and first found my mom I think I scared her cuz in the middle of the night I was laying on the big wide headboard and the covers were over mom's face and all I saw was something brown and curley on top of the pillow and I thought it was some kind of furry animal on top of mom's pillow so I pouced real good. Don't know why she screamed?? Hope your mom is feeling some better. Those kind of bugs take a while to go away.
    Lots of love to you and Eddie and Olivia,

  2. I haven't done that yet... pouncing on Mommy's head that is. I bet Nimbus knows which cat law it is about the pouncing thing though.
    One time, Mommy fell asleep with a hairtie in her hair. I found it at 5:00 a.m. and tried to take it so I could play with it. I didn't know it was still attached to her hair ::rolls eyes angelically::

  3. Head pouncing is the best...but I must say, given the choice between pouncing and shrimp, I'll take the shrimp.

    You know when People Heads are really fun? Right after they've washed their hair. It's all chew-worthy and tasty. Better than pouncing, even!


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