Monday, January 10, 2005


We've had some mild days so the birds have come back to the feeders. WEEEeeee! All day I got to watch a bunch of finches and sparrows quibble over feeder space. I laughed at them from the kitchen window. There's a whole family mourning doves, too, with little doves in that group. They are pretty fun to watch because they have to catch whatever seed falls to the ground and they flutter and chase each other a lot. For days it was slim pickings for them because their seed dishes were frozen over from all the rain and cold.

You know what, though? I'm glad we're inside kids where it's safe and warm and I can just pretend to trollify the birds. We always have food and don't have to hunt for it. Plus, I can play excellently with the dry stuff, too. Or at least I can when Olivia takes a breather. I think she still has that shelter mind set where she only got fed about two morsels a day and she still hasn't figured out that there's always food out for us. She cuts into my play time with all this eating. I think Mom should just put a little feed bag on her so I can get back to my hockey practice!


  1. Hey William--
    This is Shilgiah. Nice work pouncing that cockroach to oblivion. Wanta know what I did yesterday morning? I found some new really really fun little toys in the bathroom. Your Aunt M (my mom) was getting ready for work and left the bathroom to get something from the bedroom only she forgot and left this little door up on the wall open. Inside there are little bottles and other things but best of all there is this oval plastic container with little bitty white sticks about two inches long and with sort of soft white cotton stuff on each end. Wow. I was able to get the whole container out. It kind of scared me when it crashed on the counter and spilled all the little sticks all over the floor but I got to have fun playing with the sticks while Mom was quickly trying to pick them up. I think I call the game "pick up sticks". What do you think? Wanta try this game at your house?
    Your feline friend,

  2. Hi Shilgiah!

    I don't know. I'm pretty sure those are the same things Mom uses to try to clean my ears--and that always makes me unhappy. I usually have to cry so Mom will let me go! Maybe if I'd seen them as toys first. But Mom said she had another baby once who absolutely loved these things. But that baby was a torti...and you know how tortis are!

    Maybe Olivia would like to play with them--!


Wowee meowee.