Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Halloween Retrospective.

2003: When I was a true tiny boy I was forced to wear a Halloween sweater.

2005: Poor Olivia was not happy in the purple princess dress.

2007: Russell and I celebrated a costume respite that year.

2009: Caroline did not want to be a chicken. Just look at those ears!

2013: I did not want to be a chicken either but at least I was a good sport about it.

Before recorded history: The only one of us who has ever chosen to wear a costume, and of course she's a cat.

Well, have a safe and Happy Halloween,  everyone! We probably won't get any trick or treaters, but we'll be on guard just in case!


  1. Happy Halloween! We do get a couple of trick or treaters, but not many. Then Mom eats up all the candy. I stay in the basement because I hate the doorbell.

  2. Happy Halloween !
    We are happy you are having a costume respite this year William.
    Much better if your Mom wears them ;)
    We do not get any trick or treaters either.
    We get to keep all our treats ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Aw, it's even in black and white! That IS OLD...but adorable!

  4. Happy Halloween to all of you! We live to far out to get any trick or treaters here. Those are cute photos.

  5. Oh dear Ceiling Cat, the crazy that our 'rents put us through! Happy Halloween!

  6. Count your lucky stars you don't live here! I don't mind the costumes but everyone else does!

  7. That chicken hat is just wrong! The human kitty was awfully cute.

  8. Happy Halloween, mum does not make us do costumes.

  9. Pobres amigos... o que eu posso dizer...
    A gatinha sorridente é muito fofa.

  10. We think there are no kittu costumes worse than the chicken hat! But we hope you had a Magical Meowloween annyway!

  11. Everybody wants to be a cat :) That chick-un costume needs to be retired MOL!

  12. EACH one of you is adorable!!! Including your mommy! Those airplane ears were so fun to see. I would have figured it was Caroline.

  13.'s good to see our old pal Russell again.


Wowee meowee.