Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Tuesdays With Russell.

Today was very exciting. After Mom got back from voting and a few errands early this morning, she made a phone call because she said she could smell gas outside. Ten minutes later, there was somebody at the door! I had to investigate to make sure he was a real gas guy–plus, I am a very friendly boy and love to greet visitors! Well, the gas guy was very friendly to me and gave me lots of pets and attention! I was ready to follow him all over and help him do his job because I'm like that.

Then Mom tricked me into the office and shut the door! She said it was for my safety but I think she was jealous.

Anyway, there were no leaks and we're all safe. But I just love it when we have visitors, no matter the reason!

Then, for the rest of the day I did cat stuff.


Oh, and for you Transit of Venus fans, check out this live NASA webcam! Last chance until 2117! (And do not let your humans look directly at the sun.)


  1. Mom says she'll trade Derry for you (okay, not really). LOL. But he does run and hide UTB anytime there's a knock on the door.

    Boy, we're sure glad there wasn't a leak!

  2. We are glad there was no nasty gas and that you just got a visitor because!

  3. I am really glad that there was no gas leak. It's good to be the greeter, Russell. I have that job around here. Spyro disappears anytime someone but Mom comes into the house. Thanks for the webcam link.


  4. Its good there was no gas leak, but good Beins are allus careful of that kinna thing!

  5. Glad there's no gas leak. So far, no repairmen have befriended us when they visit.

  6. you look so smug in that picture! Because everyone loves you? I'd be smug too, MOL

  7. Following the Gas Guy *WAS* cat stuff (well, friendly cat stuff. Not Spitty stuff).

    You do look like the Cat That Eated a Mothra.

  8. That was mean of your human to lock you away, Russell! She was probably just scared the gas human was going to take you home.

  9. Great snoopervision job, Russell! We love this pic, it says you are very happy wif your life!

  10. Somebody has to snoopervise the work guys when they show up.

  11. You are such a dear guy Russell. We are happy your house didn't blow up.

  12. Dear Russell,
    Me likes vistors too! Me either attacks their ankles or leaps at them from a convenient sofa back! Me does not know why me gets put in the bedroom when me has company....


Wowee meowee.