Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Happened Yesterday.

Well, my mom had another back attack over the weekend. Yesterday she was having kind of a rough time of it, so when she got home she went into her room to have a cat-free lie down. The next thing you know, it's way past our dinnertime and even Russell's consto-paw action at her door and Caroline's screaming at deafening levels didn't wake her up. She was really in a deep cat nap!

Anyway, none of us starved despite the lateness of dinner. Then after Mom ate her dinner, she and I had to watch 24. Then it was bedtime.

So that's why I didn't blog yesterday.

Oh, and Mom was doing better today, too. She fed us first!


  1. We hope your Mom's back stays better, maybe Jack Bauer made it feel all better! I'm glad you finally got your dinner!!!

  2. You know, it's really the job of the humans to put our needs first, so even if she was in pain, I think she should have made sure you had your food on time. I think you should dock her pay.

    You look a little thin to me.

  3. Hope that her back gets all better soon! Owr daddy has a hurty back too! He says fanks fur the birthday wishes, too.
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  4. Bad backs are No Fun. Late Dinners are No Fun. Oh William, you and the gang have to get back to Having Fun again!
    We are amazed that your Mom would even attempt to nap without you! That is ALSO in the "no Fun" category, we think.
    xx Lounge Kats

  5. Oh noes! We hope you mum feels much better today!

  6. Oh, no, your mom must really have been feeling awful to sleep through the dinner call! We hope she feels much better today; we're sending her lots of purrs and universal healing Light.

  7. wow, your poor mom! we will send purrrrssss for her to feel even more betterer

  8. You guys be easy on your Mom, now. No inappropriate peeing, yakking, screaming, yowling, whatever. That will help her recover faster.

  9. LATE with dinner!? The nerve of that woman! We're glad she is "back" to normal this morning! (MOL!) Seriously, hope your Mom is feeling better!

  10. I'm glad your Mom is feeling better. There's nothing worse than your back attacking you (especially since it is behind you and you can't see it coming). Dad works on backs all day, so he can appreciate what your Mom is going through. Hope it settles down for her.


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