Monday, January 28, 2008

No Country For Grumpy Old Men.

The other day I caught a snippet of news on one our local TV stations. (I secretly watch sometimes when Mom's off doing the evening cat box clean out, but don't tell her.) The anchor guy made it sound like Tommy Lee Jones was trashing Albuquerque as a place to film movies but according to the Friday, January 25, 2008 Associated Press interview, I think the TV station took the whole thing out of context. Here's what Tommy really said:
"Albuquerque is a really hard place to work. It’s very noisy. There are crows there, planes, trucks, people working on their cars. It’s just a noisy place to shoot."

I don't think he was really dumping on Albuquerque, I think he was just stating the facts. And really my only objections to his comment are 1.) of course there are crows here, they come here to visit me over the winter and 2.) he forgot to list Caroline as one of the major sources of noise!

See how she makes my head all rattly when she talks?
She disturbs the air
that much!


  1. Bwahahahahaha!!!!! That reminds me of my sisfurs! They are girlcats and much younger. They also have that effect on me. :/
    Purrs Mickey

  2. I can not believe he forgot to mention Caroline--for her meezerliness if not her sound quality!

  3. Well, it would be kinda like him to trash stuff...the Woman nows someone who does business with him sometimes, and he can be to put this...a real spot 13. Just sayin'..

  4. Caroline and Powder should have a meow-off. Powder can get on my last paw with all of her kitty-yapping...

  5. Hahahahahahahahaha...poor William! I wonder if there is anyway to teach Caroline to whisper? Maybe you could be like the guy in "My Fair Lady" and teach her to talk properly and soft-like.

  6. You know how sisters can be... Maybe Tommy Lee Jones was just saving her feelings.

  7. Wow! Cawowine DOES disturb the air a bit!

  8. William you are so funny. Bounce agrees with you about noisy sisters. Lucy is the noisiest one in our house.

  9. What is, is. Doesn't mean anything wrong with it. Jus like Boston is cold in Winter and Miami is hot in Summer. We think differences are great.

  10. But you love her secretly, don't you, William? :)


  11. I completely understand, Wm. 'cause my sisters talk a lot too. That's one reason why I'm glad Tigger started the M-Cat Club for us guys. We need some peace & quiet!!

    Have you joined yet?



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