Monday, July 16, 2007


What were you doing 10 years ago?
I am only four. I'm pretty sure that means I wasn't born yet.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Exactly a year ago? I was all hurt because I got actual snail mail hawking special cat food for chubby cats. I thought that was mean.

Five snacks you enjoy:
Baby Food
Cheetos...well, really I only like to lick off the cheese food part
Romaine lettuce

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
I only know this song: The sheep don't like it. Stop the catbox! Stop the catbox!

Funny Videos

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
Make history as the world's richest TB?
Tell my mom to quit hunting
Get a bunch of sponge balls
Give some away to my friends

Five bad habits:
Shredding TP*
Shredding paper towels*
Shredding sponges*
Chewing through bags of food
Chewing through bags of cat litter
*My mom hides all these now.

Five things you like doing:
Giving my mom love nips
Napping with my mom
Cuddling with my mom
Visiting with my bird buds
Playing with my sisters

Five things you would never wear again:
Well, I don't really wear things so I only have one thing. There was that terrible Halloween sweater Mom put on me when I was a baby. Thankfully I grew out of it.

Five favorite toys:
Sponge balls

Thanks again to Donny and Marie and Casey, even though I'm slower than molasses sometimes. Have you done this yet? If you haven't, go ahead and tell us everything!


  1. You're so funny & sweet, William - I enjoyed reading your answers.

  2. Romaine lettuce??? Does it taste like chicken?

  3. I like the fact that you shred things. Shredding is very important. You would be very useful if your family needed to make coleslaw. FAZ

  4. Dose are furry interesting things about you William. For instance, we didn't know you were so partial to sponges, toilet paper and paper towels. And you are right about sisters being the best toys.

  5. very good list william! i think your bad habits are more like "fun habits." i too love the paper towel rolls. now, mommy buys me a cheap roll and leaves it on the floor so I can shread it. it keeps me off the counter.

    i know what you mean about the sweater, i don't do clothes, just bandannas. but i must admit, you did look awfully cute in it. mommy sayz when she sees your kitten pictures she can imagine what i looked like as a kitten!
    i gave you the schmoozing blogger award (visit my blog) because you are such a good friend to all the bloggers out there.

  6. I might have to try some of those sponge balls myself. You make them sound very fun!

  7. I'm very glad that I'm not the only one who chews through bags of food and litter. I don't know why moms think that's a bad habit.:shrugging:

  8. I can't believe you like baby food. Well, I guess I have never tried it. Hmmm, got me wonderin now.

  9. i always like gettin' to know you better my friend William

  10. great answers William - but what about weather stripping?


Wowee meowee.