Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easy Like Sunday.

It was cold cold cold on Saturday and it flurried for two hours! Flurried! And today we cozied up on Mom's bed waiting for it to warm up.

(Olivia will tell about about her birthday celebration later this week).


  1. Happy Easter y'all!

    ~meeko, Kiara, & Emmy

  2. You two look all cozy and snuggly. It wasn't cold here but it was rainy and cool so I snuggled on my Momma's lap.

    Happy Easter sweet William!

  3. It was cold, cold, cold here too. We had flurries on Saturday. And the weather guy is talking snow for the middle of the week!

    Hope you had a Happy Easter.

  4. I hope it warms up there soon! You both look so comfy ...

  5. It was cold and snowy here in Virginia Saturday morning. Brr!

    Happy Birthday, Olivia!


  6. This is just crazy...Mr. weathur must have gottun his holidays confused!!!

  7. It is supposed to be warm and sizzly in the Southwest now, you know. Maybe they solved the global warming thingy! Maybe there is a coming ice age!!!


  8. That looks like a perfect way to spend Sunday. It was cool here, but not so cool that Mom and Dad couldn't work outside in the yard. We wore ourselves out running from window to window watching them.

  9. that looks like a great way to spend a Sunday! it was flurrying here too! bummer, closed windows.
    we can't wait to hear about olivia's birthday party.

    ps we love your and Derby's q&a idea!

  10. "That's why I'm eeeeeeeeasssaay...Easy like Sunday mooooorning..."

  11. You are very thoughtful to do that for your mom. Our mom likes it when we curl up on her feets too.


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