Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It finally stopped. The wind hit a top speed of 67 mph, which is only seven mph short of hurricane strength. Badness's mom got some pictures. The sky was thick with dust that made it all dense and yellowy. And the grit, even through closed windows! It got my fur all messed up. But thanks for all the good wishes. We made it through the night OK. So did all my birdies. Tons of them came by this morning and had a veritable feast on all the seed that went flying everywhere last night. Our trees made it, too. Only, there is a sea of tree branches all over our yard. Poor Mom. She'll have to gather them all up.

Wait a minute. Poor me! I probably won't get much nap time with her over the weekend because she'll be out doing yard work again.

Stupid wind!


  1. We got some of that wind, too, though not as much as you did. I live a bit north of Santa Fe. We've got sticks all over our yard from the neighbor's trees. I hope your Mom gets the yard tidied up in time for the both of you to get in some good naptime this weekend.

  2. If she's out doing yard work, you may not get much sleep, but you are sure to get more money and trinkets for your stash!

    That wind was so strong, it may have blown dollar bills into your yard! (And, if it did, I'm registered at Petco and PetSmart...)

  3. we're glad you're all OK. That was some strong wind. We had wind like that a couple of months ago, and it did horrible things and knocked trees over onto cars that were on the roads. It was scary!

  4. Kukka, I totally forgot about the treasure factor!

  5. The wind came here today. Boy is it blowing around!

    Birdies are having a hard time. And all the other animals outside.

    Maybe tomorrow will be better!

  6. Glad your birdies were okay. The wind last night was bad too. Aren't we glad our Mother's make us stay inside? We could have been blown away!

  7. Badness,
    You bet I am! And can you imagine what would have happened trying to breathe with all that stuff in our tiny noses?

  8. Its a bad weather day here today. Windy and rainy. Glad no big tree issues. Glad you guys are all OK.


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